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Child’s First Visit

Visiting the dentist for the first time can be daunting for both you and your child. At ABC Dental, we prioritize creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that your child’s initial dental experience is comfortable and fear-free. Our team of caring pediatric dentists is dedicated to making dental visits enjoyable, fostering a love for dental care, and instilling lifelong healthy oral hygiene practices.

All children develop and grow at different rates, and the eruption of those first baby teeth will be on different schedules for each child.

The Canadian Dental Association guidelines for pediatric dentistry recommend that your child has their first dental visit within 6 months of their first tooth erupting or by their 1st birthday. If this milestone has come and gone, and your child has not yet found a dental home, we’d love to meet!
Child’s First Visit

Your first dental visit is primarily about making your child comfortable and setting a positive tone for all future visits. There is a lot you can do to prepare your child and to make them feel good about coming in to see our team at ABC Dental:

  • Explain why they are going to the dentist: One of the best things you can do to set your child up for a positive experience is to talk to them about what a dentist does. Let them know that the dentist helps them make sure that their teeth grow healthy and strong.
  • Use positive language: At ABC Dental, we try to keep things light for our pediatric patients, so we avoid using words like “drilling,” “needles,” and “bleeding” when talking to our young patients. Try not to use any language that implies a painful or uncomfortable experience when talking to your child about dental visits.
  • Let them know what to expect: Set the expectation with your child that their first trip to the dentist will be a fun experience. Let them know that it will be a short visit to get to know their dentist. There will also be toys and books to play with.
  • Read some children’s books about dental visits: One of the best ways to ease your child’s fears about the dentist is to read a few children’s books together about going to the dentist. You can find many great books on the subject, many featuring popular children’s characters that your child might know, like Peppa Pig. Pick a few that your child is interested in and read them together.

Your first visit is designed to establish a baseline dental record for your child. Typically, most first visits include the following procedures:

Medical and dental history forms

Please come prepared to fill out a full medical history form for your child. This includes information about any past dental problems, medical issues, and basic information like height, weight, and age.

Oral exam

The first thing we’ll do is perform a simple oral exam, noting which teeth have grown and making a record on your child’s chart.

Cavity check

At every visit your child's teeth will be checked for cavities. If there are areas of concern we will review and discuss the treatment needs and options available to allow treatment to be completed in the safest, most effective manner for your child.


Some cavities are not always visible and hide in between the teeth. If your child allows, we will take xrays to check for decay in these tricky spots.

Dental hygiene:

Brushing and flossing a busy child's teeth can be tough! Here at ABC dental, our highly trained staff love discussing different techniques and strategies to help you get the job done and keep those teeth clean and healthy!

Since your child’s mouth is constantly changing, we recommend that your child comes to visit us every 6 months for continuing care and regular checkups. These appointments will look different for every child depending on age, comfort, and cooperation levels. 

As your child becomes more comfortable in the dental office setting, we will start polishing the teeth, applying fluoride, and taking X-rays when required.

We understand that many patients feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist, and our goal is to make sure that you and your child have a positive experience on your first pediatric dental visit. Contact us now to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment with the caring, experienced pediatric dentists at ABC Dental.
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