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Post-Operative Care

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When your child needs a dental operation, the aftercare process can be as important as the surgery to ensure their health and comfort. Following post-op care instructions from your child’s dentist protects the integrity of your child’s teeth and oral health.

The exact instructions can vary depending on the type of treatment and effects of the procedure. Learning how best to care for your child after their dental visit helps ensure comfort and can reduce dental anxiety and post-op complications. 

Our team of pediatric dentists at ABC Dental can provide you with additional information for aftercare during your child’s appointment. We want to make sure your child feels good about coming to the dentist and set them up for lifelong good oral care habits.

Your child’s dentist may apply local anesthesia to numb the lips, gums, or teeth during a dental procedure to reduce the pain level. The numbing effects can last for a few hours after the procedure. During this time, monitor your child to ensure they don’t bite, pull, touch, or chew on the numb areas. Ensuring that they allow their mouth to heal without disruption prevents further damage or complications.

In addition, your child’s dentist may advise your child to refrain from eating for at least two hours after they leave the practice. If your child insists on eating or experiences extreme hunger, you can offer them soft foods. Patients who don’t have experience with anesthesia may express feelings of pain due to the tingling or swelling sensations associated with the numbing process.

Your child may experience reduced balance and energy after a procedure that requires sedation. Keep a close eye on your child for several hours following their treatment and ensure that they don’t trip or run into anything. We advise keeping your child at home and avoiding unnecessary physical activities for the remainder of the day.

After tooth extraction, take care of the tooth socket and keep the gums clean. Remind your child to keep their fingers and tongue away from the area. In addition, don’t allow your child to rinse their mouth for several hours after the procedure. For the remainder of the day, don’t allow carbonated beverages or the use of a straw.

If your child experiences bleeding after their extraction, don’t panic. Apply pressure with a cotton gauze over the area for 15 minutes if the bleeding continues. You can reduce the chances of extended bleeding by providing a soft diet for the first one or two days and not allowing strenuous physical activity for several hours after the operation.

The insertion of a crown or spacer requires anesthesia and may involve work below the gumline. Follow the aftercare instructions for anesthesia and expect some soreness in the gums for a few days after the procedure.

It may take time for your child to adjust, but don’t allow them to pull the pieces in their mouth, as this can loosen the materials and cause further issues. Children should also avoid hard candies or sticky foods for the entire time they have the spacer, as they may move or pull the pieces from their place.

After any dental operation or cleaning, children may experience soreness or discomfort in their teeth, cheeks, or gums. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen can provide pain relief for your child and safely reduce discomfort. If unusual or persistent pain, bleeding, and infections occur, call to discuss the next steps with your child’s dentist.

At ABC Dental, our team of experienced and caring pediatric dentists specializes in the care of both baby teeth and permanent teeth for young patients. You can ask our team for additional tips and instructions to ensure proper post-op care for your child. Routine dental checkups and cleanings can also help your child protect the strength, integrity, and health of their teeth and gums.